A hub of accomplishments, portiolios, work, and information about me.

I am a 16 year old living in the United States. My hobbies include computer science, astrophysics, and the private spaceflight industry. I have worked on several programming projects. Some languages I know are Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript/NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and a several other scripting languages. If you are interested on ever collaborating or reaching out, you can do so here.

My Work and Experience


WaitlistXYZ is a medical software project designed to innovate how offices handle their cancellations.

Student Technical Advisor

Starting in 2019, I am serving as the Student Technical Advisor at Veritas Scholars Academy, my school.


PersonalityBot is a discord bot centered around chat commands! He is on over 500 unique guilds.
Add him to your server here.

Thoxyn (Now Deprecated)

I was the lead developer of a former blogging/social networking hybrid - Thoxyn.


Most of my work is open source. The repositories are hosted on GitHub.


If you're interested in a collaboration, you can contact me here so we can disucss specifics.

Get In Touch

Contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.